In an effort to be consistent with other schools across the district regarding on track for fourth quarter going into the new school year, we have made some adjustments to our criteria. As of now, students who have a 2.0 GPA or higher, and who are no more than 1 credit behind with graduation requirements, are considered On Track for the first quarter of the school year, along with all incoming freshman. As always, students who receive or have received a level 2 or 3 referral this school year, have lost/will lose On Track status.

Based on the adjusted requirements, new On Track lists will be posted on the glass cases tomorrow morning (Tuesday, September 18). Homecoming Court nominations will be reopened this week- more details to come.

Please note, that students’ first quarter attendance, grades, and discipline, along with their cumulative unweighted GPA, will still determine their On Track status for 2nd quarter, 2nd quarter will determine 3rd quarter, and so on. Updated On Track requirements for 4th quarter regarding Prom and Senior activities will be forthcoming.