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Class of 2017 – Senior Checkout Sheet

Due May 22, 2017

Student Name ____________________________________________

Student Number _________________

                                                (Please PRINT)

*Please make sure to clean out your lockers and have all books returned by Monday, May 12th

This portion needs to be completed for Senior Check-out on May 22nd!

  1. __________ Final Guidance Sign Off – Academically Eligible to Participate in May Graduation
  2. __________ Media Center: Check for missing Media books and/or fees.
  3. __________ Cafeteria: Pay all fees owed. Please make sure to cancel your account.
  4. __________ Debts due to HHS: (lost textbooks, athletics, club fees, etc.). All financial obligations must be cleared in order to receive your cap and gown or diploma at graduation.
  5. __________ Student Services: Turn in your completed Graduation Survey. You may also obtain your final transcript request forms here.  ($2 per transcript.)  Complete the request form including, your signature, and submit it along with your payment to the Student Services Table on the day of checkout.
  6. __________ Pre-Order Senior and Graduation Videos. Single Video $15, Both $25. Complete the order form and submit it to the Graduation Video table along with your payment on the day of checkout.
  7. __________ If all your debts are cleared and you are eligible, pick up Cap & Gown & Honor Cords. (Have your receipt ready)

Make checks payable to “Hudson High School”

All checks must include a phone number, have an unaltered,

bank imprinted name and address and be dated the date of submission.

Starter checks are not accepted.  You may also pay via credit card.

Do you plan to walk at the May 27th graduation? (Circle one)      YES      NO

If you are taking summer courses, do you plan to walk at the summer graduation? (Circle one)     YES     NO

See you at the mandatory graduation practices

5/23 (9:00AM-approxmately 12:00PM) and 5/24 (9:00AM- 12:00PM) in the Gym.