School Counselors

Guidance Department.
A school counselor is available for each student. Students are encouraged to talk to their counselor about their educational, vocational, or personal concerns. Information on financial assistance to colleges and universities is also available from guidance.

We try to encourage students to self-advocate for themselves by first speaking with their teacher regarding classroom issues. Another good way to monitor progress is through MyStudent where you can also email teachers. If you still feel after trying to communicate with your student’s teacher(s) that a parent-teacher conference is necessary, Please contact the Guidance Secretary, Ms. Gonzalez at (727) 774-4235 to make and schedule any parent-teacher conferences, as well as appointments to speak with a counselor. 

Esteliz Gonzalez
HHS Guidance/ESE Secretary



Para padres de habla hispana, por favor pregunte por la Sra. González o la Sra. Otero


Student Areas: Phone Number:
Ms. O’Neil: Seniors (P – Z)  |  Freshman (ALL) (727) 774 – 4233
Mr. Schaming: Seniors (H – O)  |  Juniors (ALL) (727) 774 – 4219
Ms. Warwick: Seniors (A – G)  |  Sophomores (ALL) (727) 774 – 4261

Dual Enrollment

Fall 2017 Dual Enrollment Pre-Registration Information:

Step by Step DE instructions

DE PreRegistration Letter Fall 2017

What is Dual Enrollment?          

In Dual Enrollment, students enroll in approved college credit courses working through Pasco-Hernando State College and receive college and high school credit while still in high school. These courses provide options for students ready for additional rigorous learning opportunities. Students can attend classes at the PHSC campus as part of their regular high school schedule.

Who Can Participate? 

High school sophomore (7 credits per semester), junior and senior (16 credits per semester) students with a 3.0 unweighted GPA and qualifying PERT, ACT or SAT scores. Click here for test eligibility scores.

How Do I Apply?

1) Complete Application

2) Request official GPA from your School Counselor (must be signed and sealed by your school counselor)

3) Take application and (signed/sealed) GPA to PHSC

4) Take PERT at PHSC or submit approved SAT/ACT scores (Please be aware that PHSC only allows students to take the PERT twice. If you do not meet the minimum scores, you will have to take and meet the comparable scores for the SAT/ACT)

All 3 of these need to be turned in to PHSC for ACCEPTANCE into Dual Enrollment at PHSC. After you have been accepted, you may register for classes….

How Do I Register for Classes?

Open enrollment for Dual Enrollment courses at PHSC happens 3 times per year (Summer, Fall and Spring). The exact dates change year to year but are typically:

  • End of April for Summer
  • Beginning of August for Fall
  • November for Spring

Open enrollment will be advertised throughout the school and interested students can pick up their dual enrollment packet from the basket at the back guidance desk and make an appointment with their guidance counselor to select courses and complete the required forms. These appointments are only to help the students complete the paperwork and have everything ready to go when they go to PHSC to register. The actual class registration happens at PHSC, not at PHS.

Helpful Links:

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PHSC Dual Enrollment Application for Admission

PHSC Dual Enrollment Information – Also contains the test scores needed for dual enrollment.

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Textbook info for current DE students