“Good evening 9th grade students and parents of 9th graders. We are excited to prepare for your entrance into Hudson High School for the 2017-2018 school year. One way we would like to better prepare you for entering 9th grade is by having a special orientation day for just 9th graders. This orientation day will be held on Tuesday August 1st from 8:30-12:30PM

 We are unable to provide transportation on this day so please make sure you have transportation arranged. You will be receiving a letter later this week that will inform you about the details of this exciting day. This is not a typical orientation day so please make sure to read the letter that will provide you with all the important information you will need to know about this special day. Information on this 9th grade orientation will also be on our website in case you would like to access it there. Thank you and have a great evening.”