Cheerleading Competition Schedule

JV and Varsity



What:              Best of Pasco

Where:           Gulf High School

When:             January 14, 2017

Admission:     $5 to watch last year




Varsity Only

What:              UCA Regionals

Where:           Florida State Fair Grounds. 4800 Hwy. 301 N. Tampa, Fl. 33610

When:             December 3, 2016

Admission:     $10-$15 to come watch



What:              Chase The State

Where:           Bartow High School

When:             December 17, 2016

Admission:     $5-$10 to come watch




What:             FHSAA Regionals

Where:           Spruce Creek High School

When:             January 22nd , 2017

Admission:     $6 to watch



What:             FHSAA State Finals   

Where:           TBA

When:             January 27-28th, 2017

Admission:     $10 to watch


What:             UCA Nationals                        (If we receive a bid)

Where:           Disney Wide World of Sports Complex

When:             February 9-12th, 2017

Admission:     TBA



Some information on competitions may change as more information is made public and competition season becomes closer.

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